The Team

Brannan Tempest, Chief Executive (CEO) Chairman and chief of innovation, Brannan is a seasoned Managing Director and entrepreneur, boasts a diverse background in electronics, IT services, and renewable energy. With a career marked by ventures like Fibrecity Ltd and Pharmacy 2U Ltd, Brannan’s leadership drives innovation and sustainability in technology and renewable energy sectors. His extensive consulting work and patented inventions underscore a commitment to positive change and advancement. Personally, Brannan finds fulfilment in innovation and sustainability pursuits, embodying a holistic approach to professional and personal endeavours.

Lance Geeck, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Lance has an MBA and is an accomplished CFO, Lance excels in strategic financial leadership, with expertise in financial planning, risk management, and capital allocation across diverse industries. Revered for implementing robust financial strategies that foster growth and profitability, that drive transparency and accountability, forging strong partnerships for success. With a keen eye for innovation, Lance remains at the forefront of financial trends, propelling organizations towards unprecedented success.

Steven Walker, Chief Operating Officer, (COO).  Steven has an MBA and is a seasoned Managing Director and Business Consultant, excels in implementing transformative IT solutions across industries. With expertise in Utilities, Renewables, Logistics, Retail, and NHS, Steve’s leadership is known for driving strategic initiatives and fostering team cohesion. Noteworthy projects include successful telemetry device delivery at Yorkshire Water and finance transformation at UGI International. With an MBA from Leeds Management School and a strong IT background, Steve combines academic prowess with practical experience for impactful consultancy.

Kevin Douglas Fisher, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Non-Exec. Kevin excels in establishing strategic partnerships and managing ventures in logistics and EPC sectors. With expertise spanning over two decades, Kevin’s leadership drives success across Southeast Asia in Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining, and Construction. Notable achievements include pioneering wind farm projects in Vietnam and overseeing complex endeavours at McConnell Dowell. Kevin’s diverse skill set, backed by formal education and hands-on experience, positions him as a prominent figure in logistics and EPC industries.

Craig Maxwell Tempest, Chief information officer (CIO) Non-Exec. Craig is a versatile professional with a rich background in electronics, software, and project management. With experience spanning from Hydro Scan to Macgregor Williams and Bluechip Ltd, Craig’s expertise shines in electronic data processing, fitness monitoring, and project management. His international exposure and diverse roles reflect adaptability and a robust skill set honed through formal qualifications and specialized training.

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